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Jewyla Lynn

Jewyla Lynn



Teaching: Introduction to Cross Sector Leadership: Achieving Impact

Dr. Jewlya Lynn is the CEO and founder of Spark Policy Institute, where she leads an interdisciplinary team that develops innovative, research-based approaches to help communities and policymakers solve complex societal problems that defy easy solutions. She is experienced in working in communities, has a deep understanding of policy and politics, and provides extensive expertise in working across public and private sectors. Dr. Lynn’s work is exclusively in the context of complex, systemic change and she has led projects across multiple issue areas including climate change, natural resources, healthcare, food systems, justice, nuclear security, and more.

In addition to supporting and catalyzing change in many different arenas, Dr. Lynn has a passion for developing and refining tools, processes, and frameworks that help to make complex work less abstract and more hands on. These include widely-used tools for collective impact backbones, adaptive planning, strategic learning, systems change, and facilitation (many of which can be found on She also developed Spark’s unique Strategic Learning model, which she applies in settings where real-time, data-driven learning is critical to achieve success.

Dr. Lynn’s learning models and evaluation frameworks have been published by the Foundation Review and the Center for Evaluation Innovation and she has participated on many advisory panels for national evaluations, most recently the United States Department of Agriculture’s farm to school grantee initiative and the design of a National Science Foundation funded participatory data analysis system.

Prior to founding Spark, Dr. Lynn managed a project designed to transform social services, juvenile justice, and education systems in response to the Columbine school shooting, and before that worked for the Colorado State Legislature. She has a Ph.D. in public affairs from the University of Colorado, Denver. Dr. Lynn was also a Cross Sector Leadership Fellow with the Presidio Institute during the inaugural year of the fellowship.

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