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David B. Smith

David B. SmithDAVID B. SMITH

Managing Director, The Presidio Institute

David believes in the power of the American people to collectively innovate for the greater good. His work at the Institute harnesses his expertise in aligning vision with strategy through the delivery of high impact solutions. David cultivates the partner relationships that are the cornerstone to the Institute’s mission and the source of its essential, collaborative programming. David’s career reflects his ability to inspire people about what is possible and then finding ways to make it happen. He helped draft and pass the Edward Kennedy Serve America Act and launch The Civic 50 with Bloomberg Businessweek as the Executive Director of the Congressionally-chartered National Conference on Citizenship. He founded and led, a national nonprofit that equips and invests in young people to participate in being the solution to various community problems. David has shared his insights on service, political engagement and corporate citizenship as a consultant to California Forward, and the Points of Light Foundation. David’s work has received multiple awards, including the Independent Sector’s American Express NGEN Fellowship and the International Youth Foundation’s YouthActionNet Fellowship. He has spoken about social entrepreneurship and activism to a wide array of audiences, including civic leaders in Colombia, Peru, Bahrain and Israel, the White House, and the National Academy of Sciences. A tireless advocate for ideas that exist to make people’s lives better, David serves in advisory and board roles for numerous organizations, including Reimagining Service, The Corps Network and the Davenport Institute. He holds a degree in political science from the University of California at Berkeley. Inspired by travel as a source of insight, David explores the world at every opportunity. He lives in Lafayette with his wife Maya Enista Smith and young son Hunter (aka @LilMobilizer).

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